ICMEM 2017


International Conference on Management in Emerging Markets (ICMEM) - International Conference on Innovation in Business and Strategy (ICIBS) 2017

“Toward Sustainable and Entrepreneurial Business Ecosystem for Inclusive Growth and Innovation in Emerging Markets”

26 - 28 July 2017

Inaya Putri, Hotel Nusa Dua Bali - Indonesia

In July 2017 SBM ITB will host the second ICMEM, and at the same time cooperate with IBS-UTM will hold a second ICIBS in Bali. In the year 2017 will be very specific to the world economy. Based on a lot of research and analysis conducted by experts, many system changes and the world economic order that would happen, including the rising Donald Trump becomes President of the United States and the emergence of problems Brexit in the UK, will have broad impact for the world economy. System and trade order that has been running will undergo massive overhaul. Various industrial sectors in different countries will be affected either directly or indirectly. With rising interest rates in the United States directly affect the flow of funds and investments, interest rates, and exchange rates of various countries.

Technology will continue to drive spending, yet product launches in 2017 will tend to revolve around ideas to make technologies cheaper and more convenient, including artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Technology will also make purchasing easier, as multichannel retailing expands. Web-based players will open more physical stores in 2017.

Financial services in emerging markets will expand their reach nicely, aided by technological innovations such as mobile banking. However, Western financial stalwarts have no room for complacency, given their dependence on advanced economies. Regulators will also keep gradually tightening the screws, although US banks may enjoy a slight let-up in regulatory pressure in some areas with the arrival of new policy from the new President. The new administration may roll back certain planks of the US’s 2010 financial reform package, for example, and may overhaul capital requirements, bringing the US in conflict with globally harmonised reform efforts such as the Basel III accords.

A number of positive developments will animate global finance in 2017. Bright minds in the rich world will apply big-data and mobile applications to promising financial technology (“fintech”) start-ups in banking, payments and insurance. Meanwhile, firms, governments and do-gooders in much of the developing world will find intriguing new ways to promote financial inclusion.

Based on the above, then the theme will be carried to the International Conference is "Toward Sustainable and Inclusive Entrepreneurial Business Ecosystem for Growth and Innovation in Emerging Markets”. It is very important to discuss, since 2017 with economic conditions are very uncertain, and we need to discuss how to get out, in addition to how research can help answer the real economic problems faced by the nations of the world.

In organizing this International Conference in 2017, we will also invite the Faculty of Economics and Business in Indonesia and abroad to become a co-host for the second ICMEM and ICIBS. The criteria, terms and conditions to become co-host will be submitted to the university partner immediately. Welcome to join us in organizing the International Conference (second ICMEM and ICIBS) in Bali.

On behalf of UTM International Business School, I am pleased to welcome the honorable guests, international delegates, participants and presenters to the 2nd International Conference on Innovation in Business and Strategy (ICIBS).

This occasion marks a historic moment for UTM International Business School in particular for having the opportunity to organize joint conferences, ICIBS and ICMEM. It is an honour to work together with a renowned institution such as School of Business Management, Institut Teknologi Bandung. In today’s business environment, innovation and business strategies are vital in leveraging new business prospects. Organizations must continuously innovate and implement the right strategy to remain competitive.

Apart from that, developing strategic alliances is also the game of the day. It was against this background that the joint conferences is organized. I am also pleased that ICIBS and ICMEM brings together renowned and young researchers, innovators as well as industry leaders. These conferences provide an excellent platform for all to share and discuss contemporary knowledge in business. ICIBS, in particular, has a multidisciplinary focus, giving special attention to innovation in business and strategy. It is my utmost aspiration that the participants would advocate the knowledge and information obtained in this conference for greater good of society and their organizations. The conference not only serves as a platform towards formation of new partnership between business entities and academicians but also enhances existing alliances. It is our aspiration that participants will benefit through sharing of expertise, engaging in fruitful discussions and expanding their networks.

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